celebrateDear Ageless Grace Educators, Trainers, Students and Friends,

It’s official. We are celebrating the certification of over 1,000 Ageless Grace Educators!

When the Ageless Grace Playbook, 3 DVD set and flashcards were published in January of 2011, I had no idea what a wonderful ride was ahead!

It’s humbling to know so many people are teaching and practicing the 21 simple tools for lifelong comfort and ease that activate neuroplasticity in the brain and body. Our program is in 48 states and 10 countries in only 3 and a half years!

It is truly awe-inspiring to know the depth of wisdom, experience and talent each Educator and Trainer brings to Ageless Grace! We are a team of remarkable people doing profound work in the world.

It is also fulfilling to know that tens of thousands of lives have been touched by those same Educators and Trainers and the work of this timeless fitness program for the body and brain.

This could be like an Academy Awards acceptance speech that goes on and on and on! There are so many people to thank for helping Ageless Grace on the journey to where we are and the journey to where we are going to be in the coming years.

We appreciate all those who have invited us to their facilities, their communities, their organizations, places of worship, corporations and clubs and have asked us to share our life-changing program.

We thank each Educator who has made a commitment to share this program with others and make a difference in the quality of life for not only healthy adults and children, but also for special groups like those with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, dementia, MS, ADD and ADHD, diabetes, autism, etc.  The list truly goes on and on of lives that have been positively affected by your work in the world!

And thank you to the Ageless Grace Trainers who have made the commitment to teach others to share this program. You have caused Ageless Grace to grow beyond my wildest dreams and expectations, and you all know my expectations are high and my dreams are vast!

In the very first training, I said my personal dream was to change the model of aging in the world. That vision can only be achieved by many, many, many of us working together around the globe to make a difference in the old paradigm of what we call aging.  It can only happen when we all work shoulder to shoulder to educate our school teachers and children that it’s never too late to begin and it’s never too early to start!

Only in recent years have we come to know how absolutely remarkable the brain is and how its healthy function affects not only our bodies, but the very quality of the way we live in the world across the course of a lifetime. This program takes recent brain research to an applicable level that everyone can enjoy, can practice on their own, can teach and can incorporate into their own passions and dreams as a tool for effective change in life quality.

Annual RetreatWhile there are hundreds of people to thank, I only want to mention a few so that you aren’t reading all day long! I especially want to thank Cassandra Bennett and Purple Iris Press for the publishing of the materials that launched Ageless Grace into the world. Thank you for the beautiful videography, Ervin Dargan, and the graphic design and layout, Michelle Owen.

I especially want to thank Lia Barth, our amazing Administrative Assistant who supplies so much support to all the Educators and the Trainers and is so loyal and committed to this work on both a professional and a personal level. I don’t know what I, and Ageless Grace, would do without her!

I want to thank “Jill Hill from Hendersonville”, who is our new Assistant and is stepping beautifully into that role.

Thank you Karen Benson for all your marketing support and enthusiasm.

Thank You Bonnie Frenkel for our social media, thank you Laurel Scherer for our beautiful new website.

Thank you Roger Belford for your design, graphics, computer management, time, patience and  support from the time the first research and classes began and words started to appear on the page, until now, when we have over 1000 Certified Grace Educators!

Kate Fisher, we are deeply grateful for your invaluable devotion to making Ageless Grace for KIDZ! a reality.

And thank you Brandi Hand for your passionate marketing of Ageless Grace – for taking all the wonderful links, videos and  articles, stories and interviews and arranging them so skillfully into cutting-edge formats that reach out to the world – and help Ageless Grace move up to page one on Google! (“Google” neuroplasticity articles and neuroplasticity videos… and watch what happens friends!)

Deep gratitude to all of the first wave Trainers, the second wave Trainers just beginning, and the third and fourth waves that are on their way!

Ageless Grace first-wave Trainers around the world who are actively sharing Ageless Grace with new Educators:

Denise Medved instructing a classAli Allen (UK), Barbara Kunz (Canada), Bernadette Pleasant (NJ), Carol Gerson (NC), Fiona Furniss (South Africa), Jane Rosen (MA), Janie Peterson (VA), Jeanne Carter (IL & MO), Katherine Campbell (FL), Kathy Streng (CA), Kelly Gibson (MI), Lana Gelb (FL), Laura Olinger (CO), Lisa Haupert (NC & TN), Liz Cunningham (South Africa), Lucia Cote (NH), Mary Masi (FL), Nicola Steen (UK), Peggy Kinst (IL), Pola Rest (MN), Reini Fick (South Africa), Sandy Bramlett (GA), Shauntay Williams (NY), Sue Silcox (Australia), Susan Meehan (Canada), Nancy Whitlock (SC) and Diane Lasichak (A & VA).

Thank you to those who have believed in Ageless Grace and invested in it’s future financially – and in some cases, with the gift of your time and contacts. You know who you are… and I hope you know Ageless Grace and I are deeply touched by your faith and trust, which have gotten us to where we are and will get us to where we are going.

Thank you to so many who are not named here for your introductions, ideas, advice, counseling, time – and your belief in this brain-body program and how it can positively affect lives.

We are truly “hands around the globe”,  touching lives and changing the model of aging on our planet!

We are blessed to have skills to offer to the world that will affect the quality of life  for many! We are blessed to work side by side with such talented, gifted and compassionate people!

With grace, gratitude, and love,

Denise Medved

Creator and  Founder

Ageless Grace® and 4EverFit4KIDZ!™