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Jo Brizland-Cullen

Brizland-Cullen Jo

Jo Brizland-Cullen Certified Ageless Grace Trainer & Educator

30 years serving older people promoting independence  & well-being within their home, GP Referral, Disability, Gym  & former Cardiac Rehab Qualified Instructor  providing individual & group tailored exercise programs.

  • Certified Ageless Grace Brain Health Trainer & Educator UK, Ireland, Spain
  • International Dementia Presenter & Moderator at World Neuroscience Convention in Switzerland, Dementia Advocate and Group Facilitator
  • Trained Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Trainer & Trauma Yoga Teacher
  • Personal experience of Dementia , Dad had Early Onset Rare Dementia
  • Background in Rehabilitation services for Older People with Multiple Conditions
  • Manager of an award winning Hospital Discharge & Reablement Service
  • Passionate about improving mental health for our younger children & teens, having suffered with depression from childhood.

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Jo Brizland-Cullen's Seminars & Certifications

@Transcend Therapies Monton

Sat 1st & Sun 2nd June Educator training ( 9-1 Personal practice & informal carers training)

Sat 28 & Sun 29th September Educator training ( 9-1 Personal practice & informal carers training)

Sat 23rd & Sun 24th November Educator training ( 9-1 Personal practice & informal carers training)

Further training can take place at your workplace or venue of your choice.

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