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Gina Clifford-Holmes

Gina Clifford-Holmes

Gina has been a Health and Longevity Coach since 1995, training a team in 27 countries in the importance of a Healthy Active Lifestyle. For the last 10 years, she has been a volunteer in a local Seniors Club, arranging their monthly entertainment, which included an Ageless Grace class.

Gina saw the enjoyment her club had with their class and realized she could also teach it. She booked 5 demos for the first 10 days after her Certification, which quickly turned into classes.

After one of her first classes, when a lady came up and said “ I feel so happy” she realized what unique and joyful results could be achieved. She now teaches 5 classes a week in retirement villages, frail care units and gives public classes.

With her international connections, British born but living in Cape Town, South Africa, she wants to help spread the word of Ageless Grace around the world and has lead Certifications in South Africa and the United Kingdom

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