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Peggy Kinst

Peggy Kinst

Peggy has been a Wellness Specialist for more than 50 years. She has been an International Ageless Grace Trainer/Educator for the last 11 years.  Peggy is a well-known Presenter at the Alzheimer's Association educational events as well as many brain health conferences such as  Silver Connections, IAPA, Agency on Aging, Quality of Life Assn and is specializing in work with the "vintage" populations.  She has evolved her  Ageless Grace Trainings and lectures with the addition of the Science behind Essential Oils. Peggy incorporates her 50 years of Wellness certifications in all forms of Movement, Nutrition, Body Composition Analysis, Personality Typing, Anatomy, Mindfulness Training and Brain Studies in her approach to training and educating others to "change the model of aging".

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