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    Maria Skinner

    Maria Skinner is a Certified Ageless Grace® Trainer & Educator. She is a BeSoul™ Dance Practitioner, Nia Black Belted, former Nia White Belt Trainer, creatrix of Moga and Elements in Movement, MoveMyWay, and Embodied Astrology. Maria was the director of StarFish Dance & Yoga (formerly Yoga & Nia For Life) in West Concord, MA for 20 years and is devoted to creating spaces where people can thrive. Maria co-authored the Spanish translation of Our Bodies, Ourselves; Nuestros Cuerpos, Nuestras Vidas, and contributed to the book and program, My Hungry Head.

    Training Regions: Northeast U.S.


    Jane Taylor

    I am a Registered Nurse with a passion for keeping the body and mind fit and healthy!! I am a keen musician and have played in many bands and taught guitar. I combine my creative and practical side when teaching Ageless Grace®! Currently teaching and training Ageless Grace® in Sydney, Australia.

    Training Regions: Australia


    Carol Vogtman

    Passionate about the subject of fitness and wellness, especially "preventative maintenance", Carol has been involved in a wide realm of movement modalities since childhood. She has been teaching Ageless Grace® for over 4 years in Western NC and is known for her infectious enthusiasm.

    Training Regions: Southeast U.S.


    Kathy Woods

    Kathy Woods Connects, Creates, Collaborates, Celebrates.
    Her life has been filled with energetic discovery and exploration of movement and dance – teaching in studios, gyms, schools, at arts camps, in continuing education, senior facilities and recreational environments. She has designed and produced seminars and workshops, created movement programs, coached other dance teachers and trained and supported Ageless Grace Educators. Never a guru, but rather a guide on the side, Kathy loves creating experiences and environments in which people see, feel and sense how awesome they actually are.

    Training Regions: Midwest U.S.