Kathys HEADSHOTFor over 25 years I taught dance and exercise to all ages – in studios, gyms, at arts camps, in continuing education and high school environments.

In 2007 Spirit told me to start Everyone Dances, an online community, to challenge the traditional definition of who ‘should’ dance and to create wonderful times when everyone dances. Earlier I had been diagnosed with RA and because of inflammation had gained weight and couldn’t dance…so I thought!

You see, Everyone Dances takes away everyone’s excuses for not dancing. “If you want to dance…dance. No matter what your age, size or any other excuse.” Being the Founder of Everyone Dances I had to start dancing – from a chair, lying in bed or just in my heart. God has a sense of humor. I got stronger, made other health changes and my body started to come around to the new me.

In September of 2012 two friends strongly suggested that I take an Ageless Grace class saying there would be a ‘perfect fit’. I did. They were right. And here I am – part of, what I call, an “Elite Team of Ageless Grace Educators and Trainers” changing the face of aging in the world. Come join us.

Contact Kathy Woods at Kathy@AgelessGraceIndiana.com, www.AgelessGraceIndiana.com .