Our first Educator in Norway, Marit-Helén Nordhammer, started two Ageless Grace groups in May and already they are having fun over there – if this video is anything to go by!


It may yet be too soon to see any physical or cognitive benefits in participants, but Marit-Helén says they are enjoying fun times while at the same time exercising both body and brain. “The words ‘joy’ and ‘training’ are two that do not necessarily go well together, but with Ageless Grace they do!” she claims.

Marit-Helén admits “that for me personally Ageless Grace has been a great gift, in fact a life changer. I feel so grateful for the health and joy it brings to me personally being able to connect and share this training with others. I grow so much from the creative (brain) challenge of having to come up with new, fun, and different things to do each time. And the music! I had forgotten how much I love all these old songs.”

Marit-Helén certified with Gina Clifford-Holmes in London in March and has invited her to come all the way from South-Africa to do the first ever certification training in Norway! After that she will be on her way to becoming a trainer herself. Watch this space Norway!

Here are what some of Marit-Helén’s students are saying:

“You really come up with so much fun stuff for us!” Sigrid

“When I moaned to my grandson that my body was sore after training, he replied – quite impressed – ‘That’s great grandma!’” Anne-Lise