About Ageless Grace

Ageless Grace is a revolutionary brain fitness program taught in 50 states and more than 30 countries, and over 3600 Educators have been certified to teach. The program consists of 21 simple exercise tools designed for all ages and abilities. These exercises, based on everyday movements that are natural and organic, focus on the healthy longevity of the body and brain.

By practicing Ageless Grace for 10 minutes every day, you can improve your brain health. Ideally, Ageless Grace is a preventative measure, but if the signs of cognitive decline are beginning to appear, this program can improve your symptoms. 

Because Ageless Grace is performed in a chair to engage the brain, almost anyone can participate. 

How does Ageless Grace work?

First, a definition: 

Neuroplasticity: also known as neural plasticity or brain plasticity, is a process that involves adaptive structural and functional changes to the brain. A good definition is “the ability of the nervous system to change its activity in response to intrinsic or extrinsic stimuli by reorganizing its structure, functions, or connections.” (National Institute of Health)

So what does that mean? 

It means that we are very fortunate. Our brains are flexible. They can form new neural connections as we attempt new things. This is especially true when we learn with our bodies – riding a bike, throwing a ball, skipping rope. 

Ageless Grace works by re-opening the neural pathways created from the time you were born until approximately the age of 21. As a child, you developed functional and cognitive skills through typical childhood games, sports, and activities that you no longer practice as an adult. Our brain fitness program re-opens those pathways and, equally important, creates new ones by practicing functional movements we don’t already know how to do.

Ageless Grace activates all 5 functions of the brain: 

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Memory and Recall 
  • Analytical Thinking 
  • Creativity and Imagination 
  • Kinesthetic Learning 

SMACK! We like to think of that as the sound of the neurons firing in the brain when we attempt to do something new. 

The Benefits of Ageless Grace 

Each of the Ageless Grace Tools activates neuroplasticity by practicing new skills:

  • Joint Mobility 
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Cognitive Function
  • Multi-skilling 
  • Systemic Movement 
  • Joint and Ligament Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to Respond, React and Recover
  • Neuroplasticity 
  • Lower Body Function 
  • Spinal Flexibility
  • Mobility and Agility in the hands, fingers, arms, and shoulders
  • Power and Leverage 
  • Release of Tension in the Face, Head and Neck
  • Balance and Fall Prevention
  • Oxygenation of Cells
  • Dexterity in the Hands, Fingers and Wrists
  • Myofascial/Connective Tissue
  • Muscle Mass and Coordination
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Emotional Expression

The easy-to-learn Tools promote the “three Rs” of lifelong comfort and ease: the ability to Respond, React and Recover efficiently and safely.

Intentionally nourishing the brain-body connection daily can help improve health and well-being, reduce stress, keep the brain agile and the body responsive. When body, mind, spirit, and emotions are in balance, health and well-being follow. 

Practicing the Ageless Grace Tools for just ten minutes a day helps the body function with optimal efficiency and with comfort and ease throughout your life. It’s never too late to begin Ageless Grace, and it’s never too early to start!

Research Support:

Brain Anatomy and How the Brain Works (John Hopkins) 
Function of a Brain
The Brain Facts Book 
Anatomy of the Brain (American Association of Neurological Surgeons)

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