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The number one health concern of people of all ages is losing cognitive function and mobility as we age. People want the freedom to live whole unencumbered lives — to move, dance, travel, etc. Doing another crossword puzzle is NOT the answer. You must move your body while engaging your brain to make positive cognitive changes.

Ageless Grace® is a highly effective brain fitness program that keeps participants moving and thinking through the power of play. Because wellness shouldn’t have to be boring or painful – in fact, it should be fun!

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Ageless Grace Certified Educators complete a thorough training process that teaches them the 21 tools of the brain fitness program and how to provide playful classes that activate the five primary functions of the brain. Training can be acquired as an individual or as a part of a larger organization. Our Educators help clients, residents, patients, and loved ones live better, longer. Teaching Ageless Grace is also a fun challenge for your body and mind!

Find out how certification can benefit you or your organization:

Meet Denise

We know how painful it can be watching a once vibrant person lose function in their mind and body. Our founder, Denise Medved, lost her mother to Alzheimer’s Disease. On top of the grief she suffered, she was left wondering what the future had in store for her as she got older.

From worry came action, as Denise spent years researching the relationship between physical movement and cognitive function. Through testing and refinement, she developed the Ageless Grace program, and now more than 3400 Educators have been certified to teach worldwide. Ageless Grace has helped thousands of mature adults strengthen their minds and bodies through the power of play – proving that staying well doesn’t have to be a chore.

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How to become a Certified Ageless Grace Educator

1. Register here to begin the online certification process

2. Learn how to teach Ageless Grace and promote yourself as an educator.

3. Help clients live better and have fun while generating income and sharpening your own mind and body.

As a Certified Ageless Grace Educator, you get:

  1. A new revenue stream that keeps you active and your mind engaged
  2. Commission-free earnings. You keep 100% of what you earn being an instructor
  3. 14 hours of expert training
  4. A library of resources to help you market yourself as an instructor
  5. A listing on the Ageless Grace website
  6. The ability to transform lives through a fun activity mature adults love!

“I am LOVING leading Ageless Grace at our senior community, The Commons in Lincoln! I NEVER imagined I would be leading exercise in my life. Never! I am an old youth athlete who then never moved in all the years that my life in advertising, marketing, and mothering chewed me up and spat me out! This is a pleasant surprise! Our residents LOVE it and beg for more days. It is the only exercise I get and I am grateful every time I do it!”

– Alyson E. Lee, MSW – Program Director

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Experience an Ageless Grace class with creator and founder Denise Medved, on-demand and in the comfort of your own home. It’s free and fun!

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