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Change lives and change the world by offering Ageless Grace to mature adults! Can you imagine a world where everyone ages gracefully and is a full participant in life — where everyone lives long and healthy lives? That is our vision, and our Educators and Trainers are making that vision a reality all around the globe, one class at a time. 

Retirement Communities Love Ageless Grace 

  • Cutting-edge brain fitness program that residents look forward to.
  • Sets your retirement community apart, giving you an edge in marketing your facility.
  • Keeps you ahead of the curve – neuroplasticity is a buzzword in brain health.  
  • Works with your schedule: get certified in-person or online .
  • Group Discounts

How To Become An Educator

1. Contact us about Group Certifications

2. Staff members learn to teach Ageless Grace and promote it as an amenity

3. Help your residents live better and have fun while nurturing the growth of your staff

Ageless Grace is a beneficial program for clientele receptive to trying new and exciting things. Here at NHVH we try to target our Veterans who will truly enjoy this type of program. Ageless Grace offers range of motion, social interaction and smiles along with appropriate music, which, of course, is the key to its success. Music, movement, and smiles – what a gift – another name for this program could be “enjoying life’s moments”. Thank you, Ageless Grace.

Judith Brown, New Hampshire Veterans Home

We offer both in-person and online training opportunities. The certification process consists of a 14-hour Certification.

14-hour Certification 

The 14-hour Certification is specifically designed for those who want to be a Certified Ageless Grace Educator to teach group classes or private one-on-ones with clients and students. 

This Certification goes into depth about:

  • The primary and secondary benefits of each tool
  • How the tools are practiced
  • Music suggestions for practice and creation of playlists
  • Safety and precautions
  • PR and marketing skills
  • Basic anatomy in a chair 
  • How to organize a class format
  • A wide variety of ideas on how to teach these spontaneous in-the-moment tools that are sparked by imagination and creativity, memory and recall, kinesthetic learning, analytical thinking, and strategic planning. 

The program’s cost is $390 which includes the training materials.  

Training materials are downloadable and include: 

  • The Ageless Grace Playbook
  • A set of three DVDs featuring all 21 Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease
  • Ageless Grace flashcards

Hard copies are available on request for an additional fee

Registration is requested at least 14 days before in-person events and at least 2 days prior to online events. 

Questions about the 14-hour Certification? Contact us. 

Read our Cancellation Policy. *CPR certification is required to teach Ageless Grace once you have been certified.

Teach Ageless Grace at Your Facility

“I am LOVING leading Ageless Grace at our senior community, The Commons in Lincoln! I NEVER imagined I would be leading exercise in my life. Never! I am an old youth athlete who then never moved in all the years that my life in advertising/marketing/and mothering chewed me up and spat me out! This is a pleasant surprise! Our residents LOVE it and beg for more days. It is the only exercise I get and I am grateful every time I do it! And the happiness at the end of each class is literally zinging through the air! Thanks for spreading the love of Ageless Grace!”

– Stacy Nichols Parish, Broadcast Professional, Certified Nia Instructor & Inspirational Speaker

Anyone can teach Ageless Grace

If you aren’t at a CCRC, hospital, or senior agency, you can still become an educator! Learn more about individual certifications and certifications for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and medical professionals.