Ageless Grace Exercises – The 21 Tools

The Ageless Grace program consists of 21 simple exercise tools designed for all ages and abilities. These exercises, based on everyday movements that are natural and organic, focus on the healthy longevity of the body and brain. Ageless Grace movements are performed in a chair to stimulate all brain functions. 

By practicing a few of the 21 Tools for 10 minutes every day, you can improve your brain health. The Tools promote the “Three R’s” of lifelong comfort and ease – the ability to Respond, React, and Recover efficiently and safely.

Each of the Ageless Grace 21 Tools emphasizes different anti-aging techniques:

Exercise Tool #1 Juicy Joints
Joint Mobility 

Exercise Tool #2 Dive In!
Upper Body Strength

Exercise Tool #3 Spelling “B” (for Body)
Cognitive Function

Exercise Tool #4 Front Row Orchestra

Exercise Tool #5 Zoo-ology
Systemic Movement 

Exercise Tool #6 Try Chi
Joint and Ligament Stability

Exercise Tool #7 Yo Baby!

Exercise Tool #8 Body Math
Ability to Respond, React and Recover.

Exercise Tool #9 Gentle Geometry

Exercise Tool #10 Rockin’ Rockettes
Lower Body Function 

Exercise Tool #11 Spaghetti Spine
Spinal Flexibility

Exercise Tool #12 Express Yourself!
Mobility and Agility in the hands, fingers, arms, and shoulders

Exercise Tool #13 “Power” Tools
Power and Leverage 

Exercise Tool #14 Saving Face
Release of Tension in the Face, Head and Neck

Exercise Tool #15 Balancing Act
Balance and Fall Prevention

Exercise Tool #16 Breathe Out Loud
Oxygenation of Cells

Exercise Tool #17 Grab Bag
Dexterity in the Hands, Fingers and Wrists

Exercise Tool #18 Shake It Up, Baby!
Myofascial/Connective Tissue

Exercise Tool #19 Team Fit
Muscle Mass and Coordination

Exercise Tool #20 Get Down, Get Up!
Cardiovascular Conditioning

Exercise Tool #21 Dance Party!
Emotional Expression

An educator performing one of the 21 Tools.

The 21 Tools include right and left-brain activities and numbered sequences of physical movements in patterns that play ‘games’ with the brain. There are also brain-body directions that allow the brain to consciously choose and direct the body’s movement in either a random or specific sequence. The Tools are fun, easy, and are used to stimulate and release endorphins and engage the nervous system.

For the Brain: 

The 21 Tools are fun for everyone!
  • Right- and left-brain movement activities
  • Numbering sequences of physical movements in patterns that play games with the brain
  • Brain-body directives that encourage the brain to consciously choose and direct the movement of the body in either a random or specific sequence.
  • Stimulates the imagination to light up the brain

For the Body:

  • Range of motion and optimal function 
  • The relationship of all the parts of the body to the whole
  • Awareness of physical sensations 
  • The brain-body connection
  • Stimulation for the spine and central nervous system
  • Improvement of both cognitive and motor function, including balance.

For the Emotions:

There are sounds, words, expressions, and “pretend” emotions used to inspire, stimulate, and release endorphins, proteins, and positive hormones while simultaneously allowing the body to release tension and tightness.

For the Spirit:

The movements incorporate imagery, creativity, variety, playfulness, polarities, sound, and games, all performed to a wide range of music that encourages self-expression while nourishing the authentic self.