by Lisa D. Anderson-Certified Ageless Grace Educator


As anyone who practices and teaches Ageless Grace knows, Tool 7 Yo Baby! involves moving, as if practicing yoga postures, with the primary benefit of flexibility. Chair Yoga is not an official yoga type but rather a practice using a chair as a prop. Some Chair Yoga postures that can be easily done with Yo Baby! include:

  • Cat/Cow – sit on the edge of the chair and bring the spine out and stomach in a few times, if necessary hold onto the chair sides
  • Clasp the hands and raise the arms together overhead while sitting on the chair edge with one foot placed slightly in front of the other, bring arms to the sides while rolling the neck/head down, do shoulder shrugs and arm movements rolling backward/forward
  • “Scissors” movements with legs holding onto chair sides
  • Side-to-side movements with hands on hips/waist; side crunches with hands behind the head and elbows out wide
  • Place hands on knees and circle the torso
  • Lunges – stretch one leg out behind chair and the other leg in front with knee bent and foot firmly planted on the floor (arms can be raised overhead at the same time)
  • Place palms together at heart center and open legs out to the side (a chair squat)
  • Forward fold bending over at the torso, feet on the ground with one foot placed slightly in front of other
  • End with deep breathing and meditation by closing the eyes and listening to the breath.

Chair yoga has many correlations to not only to Yo Baby! but to brain/body health as a whole, with many medical and scientific research-based benefits.

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