by Lisa D. Anderson-Certified Ageless Grace Educator & RYT-200

Laughter Yoga has many correlations to the Ageless Grace Tool 16 “B-R-E-A-T-H-E Out Loud!”.

Easy ways to teach and practice Tool 16 incorporating Laughter Yoga are:

  • Pretend you are holding a salt shaker in your hand. Toss some salt over each shoulder one at a time going back and forth starting with a slow easy laugh with deep breath and repeating “Hee Hee, Haw Haw” getting successively louder and faster with the laugh until one is truly engaging in actual laughter.
  • Cell Phone Laughter – Pretend you are talking to a close friend on the phone as you hold your imaginary phone (or real phone) over an ear. Imagine they are telling you the most hilarious story/joke you’ve ever heard as you take deep breaths in and uproariously laugh it out loud.
  • Pretend you are your favorite animal as you breathe in deeply and breathe out loud in the sound that animal makes. Examples include a dog bark, cat meow, cow moo, and so forth.
  • Hearty Laughter – Raise your arms and look up while breathing in and laughing heartily as you direct your laughter to come from the heart in a personal funny way.
  • Think of a socially awkward situation such as your shoelaces untied, shaving cream behind your ears, etc. and breathe in deeply and laugh out loud at it.
  • Gradient Laughter – Breathe in deeply and let it out by first faking a smile, then by giggling, then laughing slowly, gradually increasing in tempo and volume.

Laughter Yoga is a lot of fun and provides many benefits that are related to brain and body health, providing oxygenation to the body and cells. Give it a try in your own personal practice and with teaching others. Enjoy!

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