Chair Exercises


Why is Ageless Grace performed in a chair?
Are chair exercises beneficial? Shouldn’t exercise be performed standing up?

Benefits of Chair Exercises

Watch the video above about chair exercises and why we perform Ageless Grace seated in a chair for a complete explanation. You can learn more about each individual Agless Grace ‘tool’ here.

chair exercising

Challenge Your Brain 

If someone asked you to play baseball, or do yoga, or perform a breaststroke while seated, chances are you would have to think about how to move your body to make this happen. When figuring out how to move your body in a new and different way, you engage your brain, whether you are 7 or 70.

Almost Anyone Can Exercise in a Chair 

It really levels the playing field.

  • Sprained your ankle? 
  • Just had surgery? 
  • Limited mobility? 
  • Does regular exercise (standing up) make you dizzy? 

Just sit down and perform the same motions you would normally perform standing up in a chair!

“I just love Ageless Grace. I have muscular dystrophy and Denise and her program have me dancing in my seat and giggling!”

– G.M.
Ageless Grace chair exercise class

Chair Exercises Improve Core Strength 

It is often easy to ‘cheat’ when standing up and performing an exercise. You can avoid using the parts of your body that aren’t as strong by using stronger muscles – but when you sit in a chair, you MUST use your core muscles. A stronger core makes for a stronger, happier body and healthier brain!

“The Ageless Grace program was everything I expected and even more! After day one I already thought: I’m going home, to apply all of this very soon. Ageless Grace is fun, bodywork in a chair (and good for the abdominals too I found out!) and it feels really good.”

– Marion Pellekaan

Chair Exercises for a Happier Body

Along with the benefits to your brain and core strength, chair exercises have been shown to improve flexibility, mobility, balance, and stability. They have also been shown to relieve and, in some cases, eliminate joint pain. Motion is lotion! As we age, we often avoid moving because of aches and pains. But becoming sedentary is not the solution. It may feel better in the short term to move less, but in the long term, it means weaker muscles, more fragile bones, and more discomfort.

Chair Exercises are Convenient

No time to get to the gym? Too dark outside to go for a walk or run? Do you need to be in the office late? As long as you have a chair, you can exercise! The convenience of exercising in a chair cannot be overstated.

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