Classes & Workshops

Take Ageless Grace Classes & Workshops with Ageless Grace creator & founder Denise Medved in the comfort of your own home!

Classes are $10 each & workshops are $35.

Classes are approximately 45 minutes each.  Several tools are used in each class and all classes activate the 5 primary functions of the brain and integrate the skills needed for optimal body & brain function.
Once you have purchased a class or workshop, the video link will be emailed in your order confirmation and you can use the class or workshop at any time you like and as often as you like.

These Classes & Workshops are for an individual’s personal use. Please do not share them with others. If you are with a facility or organization please email for pricing.

Join our Special Online Workshop!

June 21, 2022 – Lifelong Brain Health Through Nourishment and Movement

Lifelong Brain Health Through Nourishment and Movement™ is designed to focus on improving the quality of your life, by improving the function of your brain. One simple step at a time, we will show you how to turn the education learned into action to begin your journey towards lifelong optimal brain health through nourishment and movement – and lifelong optimal enjoyment every day!

CLICK HERE or on the photo above to learn more about the Lifelong Brain Health Through Nourishment and Movement workshop.