Balance and Fall Prevention Workshop


Balance and Fall Prevention Workshop with Denise Medved!
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More than one-third of people over 65 fall each year and many of them suffer moderate to severe injuries.

 The good news is that there is something you can do to reduce fall risk and prevent injury from poor balance.  Pro-active physical therapy can be a huge help.  And personal practice with such physical skills as 1) proprioception (nerves that inform the brain of movement that requires the body to shift in order to maintain equilibrium – there are 7000 of those nerve-endings in each foot and each hand!), 2) head movement that affects the nerve receptors in the fluid-filled canals of the inner ear that send balance messages to the brain, and 3) understanding how to organize your body around your center of gravity for balance.  Vision, and exercise with the face and eyes, is also important to help you understand where you are in relation to your environment – and helps you identify obstacles that might be in your path.

This workshop provides you with some simple (and FUN!) Ageless Grace® Brain Health tools to improve the dialogue between your brain and those physical areas of the body needed to maintain and improve balance.  It will also give you greater physical strength and capacity to avoid falls.  Sit safely in a chair, laugh along with Denise, and have a good time improving your balance!

Workshop is 110 minutes