Hi Denise,
I am working on my recertification as an AG Educator. I want to thank you so much for this online training. The modules were very informative and will help me improve the AG sessions I currently lead. I watched the original DVDs, but these modules were even better. Perhaps it is because I’ve been leading classes for about nine months now and it is starting to sink in a bit more! 🙂

I love the AG tools and lead a class three times a week at my church. The age group is 55 – 70+. These women are very active and a lot of FUN! We have about 8 women who attend regularly and are starting to see a few more pop in here and there. We have demonstrated the tools in a ‘fast and furious’ 5-6 minute session for our church congregation and it was exciting to see people start moving and using the tools with us! We also demonstrated it at a women’s event and setup chairs with a sign ‘This chair reserved for you’ and we had several women come up and join us for their first time which was also great. We will be doing a 30 minute session for women at our upcoming simulcast event next month and I’m anxious to see how many women will be interested in a full session vs. playing along with a short demonstration.

I know the tools are geared toward brain functionality and I’ve personally seen improvements in my own brain function. But many of us have also found that we are slimming down and toning up. Several women have had very positive health reports since they started the classes and some have been encouraged by their doctors to participate in the sessions as the medical field is very familiar with your program and the benefits.

Nancy Kirsh

 I taught Ageless Grace to my 92-year-old Grandmother this am- she loved it! I’ve been reading your story in the back of the book, your experience and knowledge are impressive but in addition to all of that, your passionate, caring energy is what really shines through in your heartwork. Thank you for sharing it with us and with the world and I only hope I can instill that same sense of integrity in sharing AG with others.
Love, Jen Kissam, Ageless Grace Educator

I just finished teaching my first Ageless Grace class and it was an experience!

I planned to teach it one on one to a pt that recently had a CVA. However other therapists and pts joined in from the very beginning and we all had a ball.
I used tools 1-7 in order as advised to begin, English and Spanish speakers were all practicing writing Amor, playing air guitar and howling side by side at “Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog”.

We were all sweating and laughing together. There ended up being 8 of us (4 therapists and 4 pts) at the end and they asked to do it every day. My biggest concern over the weekend was how to document each tool for reimbursement. Then the light bulb came on, just write down the movements like I always do but it’s way more fun than regular seated exercises. I feel like I helped their brains and bodies and can’t wait to do it again.

Thank you so much for sharing a platform that gives me freedom to be myself and bring pts into my world of movement, music and fun. Bethany Wright, Ageless Grace Educator

I am LOVING leading Ageless Grace at our senior community, The Commons in Lincoln!

I NEVER imagined I would be leading exercise in my life. Never! I am an old youth athlete who then never moved in all the years that my life in advertising/marketing/and mothering chewed me up and spat me out! This is a pleasant surprise! Our residents LOVE it and beg for more days. It is the only exercise I get and I am grateful every time I do it! And the happiness at the end of each class is literally zinging through the air! Thanks for spreading the love of Ageless Grace! Alyson E. Lee, MSW – Program Director  

10398467_1119717478077_5305529_nDid I say your work is BRILLIANT!! Thank you so much for all the work you put into creating Ageless Grace. I am in awe and every time I tell someone about it I am brought back to “knowing” that this is so good for everyone!! – Jeanne Carter, Ageless Grace Educator & Trainer, and former Special Education Director for Public Schools

Ageless Grace for KIDZ creates a positive learning environment in which participants can use both their mind and body in fun and interactive exercises. Smiles and laughter were seen and heard all around while we learned the “tools.” Ageless Grace provided the participants of the program with tools and resources they can use at school and at home when standing may not be an option. Thank you to Ageless Grace for KIDZ for helping to incorporate a new activity into the program and for helping to keep kids active. – Haley Justus, Kid Power Program Coordinator

Ageless Grace for KIDZ! provides children the opportunity to perform those necessary movements for skill development in a very fun and playful manner. The 21 movement patterns performed by Ageless Grace for KIDZ! help kids develop and refine bilateral integration skills, hand eye coordination, and sensory processing skills. Children crave movement that their body’s need to develop, grow and achieve, and succeed in all important tasks. Ageless Grace for KIDZ! has captured the essence of play and created a movement program where kids can express their freedom, play and increase foundational neural pathways for increased skill development. This program would be a vital asset for teachers to utilize in their classroom and pediatric therapists to utilize both in and out of the school setting. I wholeheartedly recommend Ageless Grace for KIDZ! for anyone who works with children or rather plays with children. – Amy Bracken, MOTR/L, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Ageless Grace at the Veterans Home provides an opportunity for the veterans to sit in a circle and connect to each other and staff. The movements are gentle movements, which incorporate range of motion and thinking about the movements, combined with music choreographed by Lucia to provide meaning and enthusiasm for the veterans. The energy in the room is upbeat and hopeful and the tools are able to be practiced by all of the veterans, at whatever level of functioning they are able to practice on that day. Lucia is professional, kind, and validating of all the participants as she facilitates a meaningful active ageless grace program, promoting empowerment of all the veterans. She exudes spirituality and acceptance. We always look forward to her Ageless Grace program. – Maureen Campbell, Life Enhancement Dementia Unit, Recreation Therapy Supervisor and LEDU Intergenerational Program Coordinator, New Hampshire Veterans Home

Ageless Grace is a beneficial program for clientele receptive to trying new and exciting things. Here at NHVH we try to target our Veterans who will truly enjoy this type of program. Ageless Grace offers range of motion, social interaction and smiles along with appropriate music, which, of course, is the key to its success. Music, movement, and smiles – what a gift – another name for this program could be “enjoying life’s moments”. Thank you, Ageless Grace. – Judith Brown, New Hampshire Veterans Home

You might imagine how wonderful I feel after the Certification yesterday, but if you can’t I will tell you. I feel fantastic and I realized all those tiny muscles that needed to be worked got just what they needed. I am always impressed with your professionalism. You hold your focus and remain the teacher while having a great time yourself. I love your delightful laugh. It has the joyfulness of a child’s laugh. Thank you for the upbeat booster shot for my teaching. One of your greatest tools as a teacher is your own playfulness, your facial expressions, your laughter! YOU’RE the reason people will continue to work the tools — because you make simple things so very enjoyable. The more you laugh, the more we do! – Comment from one of Trainer Nancy Whitlock’s new Educators

226794_563567187006608_1294702633_nThe Ageless Grace program was everything I expected and even more! After day one I already thought: I’m going home, to apply all of this very soon. Ageless Grace is fun, bodywork in a chair (and good for the abdominals too I found out!) and it feels really good. Denise also taught a seminar on marketing which was really useful to me. On the trainer: Denise has a really ‘light’ way of teaching the materials. She’s fun and smiling all the time. And she was very patient with all the questions we poured out on her. – Marion Pellekaan, Ageless Grace Educator

I absolutely love Ageless Grace. Thursday night I was in so much pain. Sciatica, thigh pain and sore hips. I have not been in pain since I started doing Ageless Grace. It is wonderful and is so “inclusive”, fun and never boring. Also love the 10 minutes a day! Marcia Albanese, Ageless Grace Educator

26959_101717963204018_435448_nAfter 3 days of Ageless Grace ( two days with socks and the last day barefoot), I can already feel improvement with foot pain on the soles of my feet. I am so encouraged!!!! Sharon Kotzin Frolick, Ageless Grace Educator

I have been doing the daily exercises, and as an experiment, I have been doing my Lumosity.com training immediately thereafter. The improvement in my brain game scores is already noticeable, so I am even more convinced of Ageless Grace’s benefits. Thank you. – Mr. RV from Chicago

I just love Ageless Grace. I have muscular dystrophy and Denise and her program have me dancing in my seat and giggling! – G.M.

76791_449299880668_290324_nDenise, the happiness I am experiencing with you and A.G. in my life is over-countable!! Everyday when I do my “tools” with your video I love to see your beautiful positive loving smiling face and then when the kitty with the dark grey nose comes in I just crack up with laughter. Sometimes just the eyes peer over the bottom of the screen. I did the first class on Wednesday with my old people (87 – 99) We ALL loved it. Ah it felt so good. – Helena Dodds, Ageless Grace Educator, Cornwall, UK

I bought the Ageless Grace program for my parents for their 60th anniversary. My mom has had double knee replacement and my dad is 6 weeks post heart attack with a stint. They both think your program is wonderful and just what they need! My mom says you have a voice that sounds caring and compassionate. You are a hit in their house! – C.B.

620520_3964404702207_331971660_oI’m now 11 days into the famous 21-day challenge – and so grateful! The 21 tools are a blast. Ten minutes is over almost immediately, and I feel awake, energized, and ready to take on the world. I almost don’t need the coffee! I began enthusing about AG almost immediately and – unlike any other program that I may love – I was able to describe it immediately: “21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease!” While it was originally designed for us baby boomers, “it’s never too late to begin, and it’s never too early to start!” It’s all about developing and maintaining healthy neural pathways, so we retain the ability of “the 3 R’s of AG – react, respond and recover! I am very pleased with our time together: the (seminar and certification) process, the package, the people, and certainly the outcomes. Thank you! – Jana Knezovich, Nia Brown Belt Instructor and Ageless Grace Educator

My diagnosis is emphysema (COPD). No I was not a smoker, but I lived in secondhand smoke all my life. I am on oxygen 24/7. I think what you are doing is wonderful. I am going to do this (Ageless Grace) and see if I can make a change for the better, for my health, for my grandkids, for my husband, and for myself. Over the weekend, my grandkids and I did it together. They had a blast and so did I. They mostly laughed at me because I, of course, hammed it up with the animals and sounds. It is going to help. It already has! One of my friends was a rehabilitation nurse — we watched your first DVD together and she was so impressed with it! And she was amazed at the workout your program gives to people using all the core muscles…I applaud you for your program and your zeal! – Trudy B., Macco, FL

1119881_10200309614650561_2085330419_oAfter experiencing Ageless Grace in the four hour seminar, I thought my fibromyalgia would be over-the-top painful. Just the opposite! I felt relaxed and pain free and I slept soundly that evening. I actually sat on the edge of my bed, repeatedly opening and closing my hands, amazed at my range of motion and the absence of pain. I am convinced that Ageless Grace is the perfect program for the millions who suffer with chronic and limiting pain like me. Thank you Denise! Your thorough research in the development of this program will help so many regain their youth and mobility. – Patricia Scott, Nia Black Belt Instructor and Ageless Grace Educator

Just look at the comments from Educator Esther Piszczek’s students at McLean Family Chiropractic in Marquette, MI:

“It was exciting.” C. E. “I found it very interesting. This was better than I thought it would be.” N. M. “It was great fun and helpful.” H. S. “I can certainly feel my shoulder and upper legs had exercise which [is] very necessary for me.” J. L. “Amazingly simple – totally effective.” T. L. “I found new muscles I had stopped using.” R. S. “Believe that you can fly and God will allow you to soar.” C. S. “I enjoyed it.” L. C. “I enjoyed my first lesson and can’t wait for the next three.” C. E.

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