Your Brain On Fitness 3-Webinar Series



Your Brain on Fitness Webinar Series is presented by Denise Medved and Lana Gelb.  Each 1-hour webinar gives take-away tools and research support.

Webinar 1 – Your Brain on Physical Fitness:  All About Movement

What are the Cognitive benefits of Physical movement that are revealed in the latest research – whether it be Cardio, Strength or Flexibility Training?  Discover how each of these Fitness aspects activate the Brain for optimal Function.

Webinar 2 – Your Brain on Mental, Emotional and Cognitive Fitness
What is Mental, Emotional and Cognitive Fitness and how is this achieved? What have the Brain and Mind got to do with it?  Discover simple tools and tips to improve Mental state, Emotional responses and Cognitive Fitness.

Webinar 3 – Your Brain on Spiritual Fitness
What is Spiritual Fitness and what does this entail?  We know we need to practice Physical Fitness, and that one-size does not fit all.  But do we recognize that Spirituality, too, is a different practice for everyone?