We are so excited that Ageless Grace Trainer, Nicola Steen, was recently in the Huffington Post.

By: Ned Simons, Assistant political editor, HuffPost UK

“Has it got any easier? The answer is no.”

Nicola Steen’s 94-year-old father Alec was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2006.

She has not worked full time since 2009. And 50% of her time is spent, along with her sister, looking after her father. “You are managing a care home. A private care home,” she says.

Theresa May’s initial attempt at a social care policy, branded a “dementia tax”, did not go down well with voters or Tory candidates.

“I don’t think you can do this. I don’t think it’s right,” Nicola says. “I think what this announcement is very uncaring – I don’t think she has thought it through,” Nicola says.

“I think May just doesn’t really get it. I think the people around her don’t get it. Generally they should have really talked to people.

“I actually think this is discriminatory. If this was applied to someone if it was someone with a different colour skin, or just women, or red heads or physically disabled people or gay people? Can you imagine? This is people with dementia. This is people who are vulnerable who can’t speak up for themselves who are freaked out anyway. It’s very cruel.”

Nicola thinks back to when Alec was diagnosed. “There is a special test you do for Alzheimer’s,” she says. The doctor asked her father to write the numbers on a clock face.

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