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Karen Haseley

Karen Haseley

Karen has been a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for 30+ years and has worked with individuals of all ages. She retired from the position Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor with the City of Greenbelt, MD after almost 30 years in this position. She ran the Greenbelt Senior Center and provided accommodations for anyone with a disability so they were able to participate in the Greenbelt Recreation Department programs.

In 2012 she had been asked to be on a panel presentation at the Maryland Municipal League annual conference. She agreed to present and coming from a recreation background needed to come up with an activity that 60 plus individuals sitting in an audience would be able to actively participate in. Two days after she agreed to do this presentation, an Ageless Grace Educator came into her office wanting to teach Ageless Grace in the Greenbelt Senior Center.

After learning about Ageless Grace, going to the website, purchasing the materials, using the DVDs to skype with her family and practice Ageless Grace, and working with the Educator, Denise Medved gave her permission to use a few of the tools as a demo at the conference. With 130 people in the audience and everyone participating and LOVING Ageless Grace, she was hooked! She was energized and very excited to become an Ageless Grace Educator and to be able to share this wonderful body and brain workout with all ages.

She became an educator in 2013, has taught a weekly class in Greenbelt and given many demos. She has seen, both personally and with her students, the difference the program makes in a participant’s outlook, sense of humor and ability to move more easily and comfortably.

She is very excited to train new Ageless Grace Educators and is looking forward to meeting you!

Phone: 443-745-1596

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Karen Haseley's Seminars & Certifications

Karen's 2023 certification and Recertification workshops:

3/9/2023: Hybrid Recertification workshop (ZOOM  & in-person at Greenbelt, MD)

9/28/2023 Hybrid Recertification workshop (ZOOM  & in-person at Rensselaerville, NY) with Marghi McClearn and Karen

Oct 30 ZOOM Recertification workshop

If you'd like to host a training, please contact me. I'd love to work with you and get a training scheduled in your area! Trainings can be done in-person (following CDC and local guidelines), virtually, or a hybrid of both.

*CEUs are available for for an additional fee. Contact Karen for more information.

Karen and Marghi have applied to present at the following events/conferences in 2023:
California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS) TR Institute - April 4, 2023 in San Diego, CA