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Jaami L.M. Rutledge DNP, MSN, BS-RN

Jaami Rutledge

Dr. Jaami Rutledge has her clinical Doctorate in Nursing from the University of Colorado with a speciality in Adult/Geriatric Primary Care. She has enjoyed working with patients from teen to 100+ years as a Primary Care Provider, Urgent Care provider, Sports/Occupational Medicine Provider, HomeCare consultant and Exercise Consultant for healthy aging. Jaami grew up as an athlete and dancer, both of which she was able to continue into her 20’s, and since then she has transferred that passion for being active into her nursing practice. Ageless Grace® has been a perfect combination of the power of movement, science, and creativity for her own life, those of her patients, and our aging community.

Through her careers as a healthcare professional, athlete, wife, mother, and advocate for changing the paradigm of healthy aging, she is here to share Ageless Grace®, timeless fitness for the body and brain™.

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Jaami L.M. Rutledge DNP, MSN, BS-RN's Seminars & Certifications




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All times are USA-Eastern Time

February, 2022:

  • New Educator Certification: February 9th & 23rd (W) 11am-6:30pm both days
  • Seminar: February 9th (W) 11am-3pm
  • Re-Certification (current educators only): February 9th (W) 11am-2:30pm

April, 2022:

  • Re-Certification (current educators only): April 7th (TH) 5pm-8:30pm

May, 2022:

  • New Educator Certification: May 12th & 19th (TH) 11am-6:30pm both days
  • Seminar: May 12th (TH) 11am-3pm
  • Re-Certification (current educators only): May 12th (TH) 11am-2:30pm

June, 2022:

  • Re-Certification (current educators only): June 15th (W) 5pm-8:30pm

August, 2022:

  • New Educator Certification: August 4th & 11th (TH) 11am-6:30pm both days
  • Seminar: August 4th (TH) 11am-3pm
  • Re-Certification (current educators only): August 4th (TH) 11am-2:30pm

November, 2022:

  • New Educator Certification: November 10th & 17th (TH) 11am-6:30pm both days
  • Seminar: November 10th (TH) 11am-3pm
  • Re-Certification (current educators only): November 10th (TH) 11am-2:30pm


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LOCATION: ZOOM ONLINE - Zoom link will be sent to you upon registration. ALL times are USA-EASTERN TIME

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