On December 31st, 2019, Jenna retired after 38 years running her own Chiropractic office.  She was a mild-mannered chiropractor by day and a wild motivational speaker after the sun went down!

Since retirement she says that her three greatest loves are: 1) Her husband, Ed, 2) All things Ageless Grace and 3) Singing with an older adult choir called Sounds Good!

After retirement Jenna was looking for a way to fill her days with some of the things that she had enjoyed while she was a chiropractor and speaker: being with people, being of service, and having variety and movement in her daily life.  She took the the Ageless Grace Educator Certification the day after Ageless Grace found her (as she puts it).  Two weeks later she was teaching on Zoom.  And right now Jenna is in the process of becoming an Ageless Grace Trainer.

Jenna now teaches 6 FREE classes a week on Zoom.  Why free? Because she says “I’m retired and it checks all the boxes that fill my needs and serves others at the same time!  I invite you all to join my online classes!”

CLICK HERE to contact Jenna and request the FREE class Zoom link.