By Reini Fick, Ageless Grace Ambassador, South Africa

Aging, Beauty, And Neuroplasticity
Reini teaching an Ageless Grace class. Aging, Beauty, And Neuroplasticity!

For me the Science of Neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, is really about belief – the belief I hold about myself. A belief is formed when I agree to something I hear and then practice it. This belief is then held in every cell of my body, focused on and nurtured by me. The outcome of these thoughts then becomes evident in my physique; taking into consideration that we formed most of what we believe by the opinions of other people. We seldom challenge these beliefs or make up our own minds. We assume that it is true that we must get the aging symptoms of our parents.

Aging, Beauty, And Neuroplasticity

Only recently scientists have discovered that the brain is not static, but a growing, pulsating, expansion of ourselves, directed by us. The brain has the capacity of renewing itself of any damage. It is a matter of realizing our incredible potential and allowing ourselves the luxury of simple, playful and easy thoughts in a happy relaxed way. Add movement to that and neuroplasticity is effective. Children do this naturally and therefore expand and have a youthful vibrancy. As adults we start to resist this natural tendency and begin to contain ourselves within the learned restrictions of our societies. Thus we close the neuropathways that we have created and practiced since birth, through inactivity and negative thinking.

We have tapped into believing that it is normal to be uncomfortable in old age. Our bodies then slowly start the decline into dis-ease, which eventually ends in illness. The good news is that we can reverse the signs of aging by actively re-opening the pathways and by creating new ones regularly.

I like to point out, that our bodies are not designed to deteriorate. It is our thoughts that age us. Children love to play and learn by acting out the movements they are learning. They seldom think about it. The most obvious difference between the young and the elderly is in their movements and how they think. We have had much time to focus on issues and these are apparent in our body conditions and our faces. Growing older is not the issue here, but how we age. At the same time, the reverse is also true. Focusing on wellness and ease, enjoying movement and learning new things, even in our imagination while seated in a chair, restores our abilities at any age. It does not take long to show beneficial results.

The same goes for beauty. It truly comes from within. What we believe about ourselves, we can accomplish. It is a fact, that we most often see ourselves far less beautiful than others see us. Whatever applies to our bodies applies to our faces. Almost every child believes themselves to be beautiful. They do not think much about it and focus on what feels good. There is a secret in this. We are all beautiful and have the marvelous ability to change. Others see us how we tell them to – tell a beautiful story!

The Ageless Grace program is a wonderful tool to begin taking the first steps. Securely seated, feeling relaxed and at ease, we embrace the music and playfully focus on what is right with our body. Music has the side effect of happy memory recall. Beautiful thoughts reverse signs of aging and all we have to do is practice it. The compliments are sure to follow. Our brain is there to enhance our life, not deteriorate it. Let’s use it playfully and smiling.