See what others are saying about the Annual Retreat:

Annual RetreatWhat an amazing gathering of fun, creative, lively and talented women! I am still reverberating with the great connections, ideas, nurturing and collaboration that happened at the Retreat! This is a DO NOT MISS event for all Trainers and Ageless Grace Educators – put it on your calendar for next year!   ~ Laura Olinger

I love the concept behind the retreat: women coming together with a common interest and offering their expertise in other subject areas they excel in. We had presentations on journal making, mind/body practices, health and healing, the latest research on keeping our brains healthy, social media tips, decision making models and dream work to feed our creative juices. We even had a virtual trip to Australia without leaving the retreat center, and my presentation, Your Destiny is In Your Closet, finding your life purpose through what you choose to wear, was followed by a free clothing swap to put it into practice. It was fun, informative, and delightful to be in the company of such fabulous and talented women!   ~Gail Condrick

Annual Retreat ChiWalking1For the third year in a row, I have been delighted to attend the Ageless Grace Retreat! I have met women from all over the world at these retreats and have become friends with sistahs I would never have met otherwise.  I am full and enriched by these retreats with amazing women!  Thank you, Denise, for bringing us all together!   ~ Kate Stockman

AWESOME!  is the way I would describe the retreat… being in the company of all those beautiful and talented women.   ~ Margie Linkous

I have attended all of the Ageless Grace retreats and what strikes me most is that the power and magic continue to grow each year.  I come home refreshed and ready to incorporate new lessons of positive change into my everyday world.   ~ Gail George

The retreat to me is a realization that there is so much we don’t know… so many wonderful avenues of education that we don’t even know exist.  The Ageless Grace Educators and Trainers that so lovingly share their passions ignite us, the “learners”, with so much valuable and joyful information.  The personal connections we make, the Gossamer Threads that are woven will stay with each one of us forever… the mementos we bring back with us, the memories that we will keep in a safe place, the “wise & fearless women” who each brought their own beauty and talents to the Retreat, the “Sanctuary in the Woods” where we meet, the friendships we will hold dear… these are the things that will keep me coming back!   ~Peggy Kinst

Annual Retreat YogAromaThe Ageless Grace retreat not only introduced me to new ideas and practices, it provided wonderful new friendships and created an incredible sense of community with other Ageless Grace Educators and Trainers.  What a wonderful time of sharing and discovering. It was truly magical!   ~ Ann Y. Adams

The retreat showed me how sincere we all are about living healthier and sharing the knowledge we’ve gained over the years with one another.  It was good to put faces with names and grow friendships with a few other educators from all over the country/world!   ~ Carol Gerson

The retreat was soul nourishment.  So much to ingest and digest!!  Inspiring, Nurturing, Empowering…   ~ Donna Astrauskas

I expected to meet and visit with some amazing women at the Ageless Grace Retreat. The ladies at the retreat did not let me down. I was welcomed and enlightened by all. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the presenters. I expected a very informal sharing of what each person did outside Ageless Grace. What I got was Power Point, professional, interesting  and fun presentations with hand outs. I really did learn a few things. I have incorporated much of that weekend into my everyday life! It was a wonderful time with wonderful women. I hope to go every year!   ~ Jill Hill   

It’s a perfect get away from the world of lists, goals, and multiple responsibilities.  It’s a time to make new connections and create lasting relationships with individuals who share your purpose and passion.  I always take home new ideas for my classes and leave with a renewed commitment to this valuable work-PLAY. ~ Marghi McClearn

This is the third time I have attended the Ageless Grace Retreat in the beautiful NC mountains. It is so wonderful to meet such intelligent well-rounded people and everyone is so willing to share their passions with each other. It is a busy weekend filled to the brim with goodies!!! My only regret is that I was so busy, enjoying all the fantastic sessions that I forgot to go see the White Peacock!!!!   ~ Jeanne 

As an Ageless Grace Educator and Trainer, the Retreat gave me chance to meet and share with my Ageless Grace colleagues in a fun and casual environment! Each ‘program’ on the agenda was different, and tapped into a variety of interests, giving us an opportunity to learn techniques and share tips and strategies to advance our business, enhance our personal presence, and to see the ‘land down under’!

Annual Retreat Callanetics1Denise, you’ve done it AGAIN!  – with grace and ease.  Thank You!   ~ Sandy Bramlett

I thought the retreat presentations were examples of powerful, educated women. I enjoyed participating in a variety of educational, physical and spiritual activities. Kudos to the presenters!   ~ Linda Reihs 

Stimulating and relaxing  – all at the same time! Sessions and presenters were awesome – not to be missed! Particularly loved the “Australia” session –  done through the 21 AG tools – Aussie Aussie OY OY OY ! ( in case you didn’t know , that is said all over Australia when something is Aussi and is awesome!)   ~ Lana Gelb

I knew there were other Educators out there – I met some of them at my Certification plus I read their posts on the Facebook page. But when I attended the Retreat and met the people behind the names, it was different – it was real.  I knew I was a part of something much bigger than myself and that was very powerful.    ~ Kathy Woods