Deborah NichollsI reside in Cape Town, South Africa. I have worked in the Corporate industry for many years. Exercise and nutrition have always been very important to me. I am also passionate and curious about people and human behaviour and how the Brain and Body inter-relate.

A friend told me about Ageless Grace ® and I attended a class. I then did my 4 hour Seminar, my 21 day challenge and subsequently 3 Certifications – one with Denise in Ireland.

My creativity returned during my 21 day challenge. My energy levels improved. My concentration improved. I had a spring in my step and a lilt in my voice. I became more playful – which in itself brings about a feeling of freedom of expression.

I then understood how the Brain and the Body inter-relate, practicing the Ageless Grace exercise tools (coupled with the Neuroscience course I did with Dr. Sarah McKay of the Neuroscience Academy) has given me even more insight!

The Music, Movements and the Mindfullness of the Exercises are what I enjoy and of course the improvisation is so much FUN !  We refer to it as “Artful Playing”.

I am passionate about music and dance. For me, Ageless Grace has provided me with the tools to teach this amazing body of work and make a difference in the lives of others, plus I can utilise the skills I have acquired to market Ageless Grace.

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