By: Katherine Campbell, Ageless Grace Trainer

Watch Katherine’s video here:

In early 2011 I watched a short video with this lovely woman named Denise Medved, talking about a new program having to do with aging gracefully. An exercise program done to music, in a chair and great for all ages including seniors. I immediately knew this was for me. My passion is working with seniors and really anyone that I might be able to touch in a positive way, but especially seniors. I signed up for the certification class and by the middle of 2011 had my first weekly Ageless Grace class. I never taught anything, but always wanted to! What a great opportunity for self development along with helping others.

By late 2011 I had quit my full-time job and taken on a part-time, 32 hour/week job teaching 5-10 classes weekly in the AM and working my JOB in the afternoon and evening along with training new Ageless Grace Educators. The intention was to eventually quit this job and go full-time with Ageless Grace.

This fall I focused on building a new website, creating new collateral and designing a new logo for my business. That is all completed. Next step –  quit the JOB. I took that step on January 2 of this year. WOW. Jumping with Joy!  Look out world, here comes Ageless Grace and me, with These Joints are Jumping!

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