Laura Olinger is truly an Educator! She teaches Gentle Nia (to seniors), Splash (from SilverSneakers, older people in warm Laura Olinger water), and Ageless Grace (teacher & trainer).

Here is what Laura has to say about Ageless Grace:

For me, AG is the most fun and fulfilling. It is where an obvious difference can be made in a short time, and the most laughter & enjoyment happens. I find I can incorporate valuable pearls from the other programs into my AG classes. And I get to talk a lot about the things I love when leading a training.

I love the layers of science behind Ageless Grace, and the fun, humorous, spontaneous outcome of something so scientifically based. Great dichotomy! Denise is an absolute genius for her work translating the science to the outcome…most scientists never get there

My dream contact or network connection is to find a facility that trains all of its staff in Ageless Grace, then uses it day in and day-out with Alzheimers patients. I’ve presented to the Alzheimers Association of Colorado Annual meeting (this past October), and am building that relationship.

The Alzheimers Assoc Early Stage Diagnosis group is very excited about AG and what it can do for their clients. For almost 2 years I taught a weekly class to approximately15 Alzheimers patients. The class was great, and I learned a lot, but so much more is possible!