We are so proud of Ageless Grace Educator, T. Kari Mitchell! She was recently on the internet radio show: Direct Connect Empowerment with Fi on the VoiceAmerica network.


About the Show:

Are you faced with health challenges? That was the case with T. Kari Mitchell. T. Kari reversed her health challenges by making major dietary and exercise changes. At the core of those health challenges were a host of food allergies. Her life long skills as a teacher was an advantage as she transitioned into a Health and Wellness Coach to teach her clients about methods to empower yourself regarding your health. T.K. is passionate about educating young people and adults about easy ways to ingest fruits and vegetables through smoothies. This spring, T.K. released her first book, Sip the Garden: Fun, Easy Easy Drinks for a Healthier Family. T.K. is an inspiration to all who wish to reverse health challenges and empower themselves to live a more fulfilled lifestyle regardless of their age. Tune as we talk about how to take back your health.

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T. Kari Mitchell Bio:

voiceamericaT. Kari Mitchell is a former teacher. Her lifelong passion for wellness fueled a desire to become a holistic health coach to empower others. Although TK has been health conscious most of her life, her focus changed after she was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Using this information to her advantage, she was successful in reversing health challenges through dietary modifications and lifestyle interventions. As founder of Lifestyle 120, TK is deeply passionate about helping others transform their lives through her wellness program and workshops. TK earned a B.A. from Scripps College, M.Ed. from University of Southern California, Health Coach Certificate from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Ageless Grace Educator Certificate from Ageless Grace®. She enjoys writing, traveling, keeping fit, creating gourmet recipes, attending live theatre and jazz performances, and taking piano lessons. See TK’s book, Sip the Garden: Fun, Easy Easy Drinks for a Healthier Family.