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Teresa D'Angelo

Teresa DAngelo

Teresa is dedicated to supporting people of all ages and abilities in relieving pain and feeling alive in their bodies. She offers clients and students a fun and engaging experience to feel more confident and inspired in their lives.

She is a somatic dance-movement educator who found the transformative power of movement vital to her own healing path -- by moving the body, we discover our unique ability to express ourselves and feel our best at every age.

Teresa is a sought-after guest on national healing summits and podcasts, featured twice on and on the Balance Your Life TV Series on New Jersey News12+. She is an international Ageless Grace® Brain Health Educator and Trainer, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Nia® Mind-Body Fitness, licensed Bodyworker, and she completed a three-year intensive study in Dance-Movement Therapy. Teresa created an interactive online group course for women called Relieve Chronic Pain: A Woman’s Journey in Healing and Inspiration which will begin again in the Spring of 2022.  Her favorite things in life are traveling to Hawaii, hanging out with her husband and son, and loving up her dog, Aja. Learn more at

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Teresa D'Angelo's Seminars & Certifications

Recertification Workshop Feb 19, 2022

Recertification Workshop Sept 24, 2022