Ageless Grace Educators often run across worried family members and friends of elderly people because of our work in the senior community.

  • Is Mom’s quality of life good?
  • Is Dad losing his memory?
  • What is the best way to care for my ailing parent?
  • Is my friend taking his medication?
  • Do I need an attorney to help?
  • Is my mom safe and well cared for?
  • I live far away from my parents. How can I be sure they get the quality care they deserve?

elder careHonestly, the list of questions and worries goes on and on, and it can be incredibly stressful to the caregiver and family.

Very often, a family member is called on to make some of the most important decisions in their loved one’s life, and yet they have no training or experience to do so. Families need an expert advocate in their corner to help them make decisions, weigh options, and deal with the stress.

We’ve recently run across an organization who does all of the above and more: VillagePlan Experts-On-Call. VillagePlan has a nationwide network of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (PGCMs) who provide families with solutions and strategies for:

  • slide2-2Home care and management
  • Housing options
  • Financial issues
  • Social issues
  • Legal issues
  • Quality of life enhancements.

PGCMs also do advocacy and coordination with medical providers, and set up homes to properly provide the right environment dependent on your loved one’s diagnoses.

In short, PGCMs save you time, money and stress.

Other Reasons Why We Recommend VillagePlan Experts-On-Call:

  • The first 45-minute phone call is free, which enables you to decide if you want to work them at no financial risk.
  • If you need it, local help is available.
  • With Experts-On-Call you never have to make the hard decisions alone again.

Need more information? Visit their website: VillagePlan Experts-On-Call

Note: Ageless Grace is not receiving any kind of payment for this recommendation. We just think VillagePlan Experts-On-Call does excellent work.