By: Ageless Grace Trainer, Sue Silcox

Get creative! You can exercise anywhere with Ageless Grace!

You can exercise in your garden!
You can exercise in your garden!

Choosing Practice Time and Place – any time can be practice time: It’s not only my students who can find it challenging to fit in the 10 minutes practice into their day! If you have to step out of your routine, don’t worry. Do the practice when and where you can. Cooking in the kitchen and a good tune comes onto the radio or TV? Do some Ageless Grace then. Take your music out to the garden with you and Juicy Joints among the flowers and vegetables. Tri-Chi or Saving Face with the children and grandchildren. Spelling ‘B’ or Team Fit when your favorite TV program music starts. Take any opportunity  to move to the music around you and it will bring you fun and playfulness throughout your day.

Music – sometimes the music you choose may not seem to “fit”. In your personal practice you don’t have to keep going with that “wrong” music, just change it. Or alternatively, change the exercise tool! It’s good sometimes to challenge your brain with music that doesn’t seem to fit and just go with it! And students – tell your Educator about songs you’d like to hear.

On the Move – Ageless Grace has to be the easiest movement practice to do when you are traveling, either for work or on holiday. You can sit on a bed in your hotel room and choose your tools to move to. If you are on a flight you can choose more lower body tools, such as ‘Rockin’ Rockettes’ and move within your space. Do some ‘Power Tools’ that use your lower body. ‘Saving Face’ doesn’t take up much seat space, nor does ‘Breathe Out Loud’. You can while away the flight time as you try to adapt any of those tools for the journey.