parkinson's supportCarol Gerson, Certified Ageless Grace Educator/Trainer, has been selected by the Parkinson’s Hendersonville/Transylvania Counties, NC Support Group to open their monthly 2014-2015 season meetings with the Ageless Grace exercise program. A support group member, who loves Ageless Grace, is sponsoring Gerson’s class sessions.

The sponsor and her husband have been practicing Ageless Grace with Gerson in Brevard, NC at Silvermont Opportunity Center for over a year. The retired Special Education teacher, realizes the importance of staying physically & mentally active. Once she heard about Ageless Grace, not only did she get motivated to exercise more, she was convinced that her husband, a retired Research Scientist and Parkinson’s patient, would benefit too! Now she wants to share with all their Support Group friends the benefits of engaging brain and body simultaneously while having fun and enjoying great music.

parkinson's supportGerson’s sponsor states “there are only a few medicines for Parkinson’s disease and neurologists promote exercise as the best one.”

Understanding that the science of neuroplasticity is the ability to re-open and create new neural pathways, she likes how Ageless Grace movements vary in size, activate all muscles, ignite memory recall and emphasize breathing out loud through singing, whistling, and tongue twisters.

Educator, Carol Gerson, noticed a difference in her PD student’s verbal class participation, confidence and interest to maneuver in and out of a chair on his own after attending class for a few months.

This proves that the prescription that Ageless Grace recommends – “Play Instead of Living Limited” – is exactly what the doctor ordered!