This began as a journal and became a book. How did it happen? Well, I awoke one night with this voice clear in my mind: Can you spend a month with God?

It begins with the courage to walk out into a storm… And to make my sacred personal life, public. Not an easy decision for a socially skilled introvert but one that nagged me until a hurricane brought me to my senses. Forced to leave my home with a mandatory evacuation and faced with deciding what I could not stand to lose, I realized the truth. My journals were my life – my stories, my existence. So I packed the car with my precious memories…and drove north… to begin the process of transcription.

The journal began to be transformed into a manuscript in October 2018. The manuscript traveled with me and was my constant companion, even journeying to France on a Veriditas pilgrimage to be inspired by Chartres Cathedral.

This book is an invitation—from Spirit, from nature—enticing you to answer the call that has been beseeching you, whatever that may be. If you will but be still and listen, nature will offer itself up to you, revealing its mysteries and marvels, giving you spiritual solace and guidance for whatever journey you have embarked upon.

May all of us find our own Sacred Grove.

Gail Condrick is an Ageless Grace Educator and lives in Longboat Key, Florida.  She does presentations as an ambassador for Ageless Grace.

Walking the Grove: Journal of a Sacred Encounter can be purchased here.