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Kathy Woods

Kathy Woods

Kathy Woods Connects, Contributes, Creates, Collaborates, Celebrates.

Movement and music became an integral part of who I am when I started pre-ballet at age 5. I danced my way through grade school learning ballet, point, tap and jazz dance; went on to high school where I started teaching, choreographing, producing and directing; My major was dance and education in college and I had 2 summer internships being in charge of teaching dance and choreographing for two musical/comedy shows.

I love sharing dance and movement in many different forms and have taught classes for over 25 years in studios, gyms, schools, at arts camps, in continuing education, senior facilities and recreational environments.

For 10 of those years I focused on the subject of Teaching Dance to Young Children where I was able to tie-in so many of the things that I enjoy: dance, theater, education, science (yes, biology) plus using props and simple costuming. All in an environment of creativity, imagination and play. During that time I created and produced 3 seminars on the subject of Teaching Dance to Young Children and coached teachers who wanted to work with this age group. Who knew that years later I would use much of the approaches and strategies from the course material and adapt them to creating my classes in Ageless Grace and 4EverFit4KIDZ!?

In 2007 Spirit told me to buy a domain called Everyone Dances - to start an organization to challenge the traditional definition of who ‘should’ dance and to create wonderful times when everyone dances. Earlier I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and because of medication had gained a lot of weight. In addition, because of inflammation I could hardly move and couldn’t dance…so I thought. You see, Everyone Dances takes away everyone’s excuses for not dancing. “If you want to dance…dance. No matter what your age, size or any other excuse.” So, I started dancing from a chair, while sitting on the floor, lying in bed or just in my heart. Remember, I was the founder of Everyone Dances which says, “If you want to dance…dance!”

So, I started to move/dance. God has a sense of humor. I got stronger, made other health changes and my body started to come around to the new/old me. I used Everyone Dances to reach out and help teach the “One Billion Rising” Break the Chain dance and then collaborated with 3 other creative women to produce “A Women’s Play C.A.M.P.” (Creative Arts Movement Play).

In September of 2012 two friends strongly suggested that I take an Ageless Grace class saying there would be a ‘perfect fit’. I did. They were right. And here I am – a member of a team changing the face of aging in the world. Come and join us.



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Kathy Woods's Seminars & Certifications

Ageless Grace® Events & Classes offered by Kathy Woods

For details about any of the events below contact Kathy:

708-955-3552 (cell)

Kathy Woods is scheduling Ageless Grace, 4EverFit4KIDZ! and Dance w/Kathy teaching events, classes and presentations for Fall, 2024.



The Ageless Grace® Program for children is called 4EverFit4KIDZ! It is ideal for children Pre-K thru 10+ years old and can be adapted for almost all abilities. Many children are NOT getting enough movement in their lives. The situation is they sit for hours whether they are in school, or doing eLearning. Many schools have cut-back or eliminated gym and after school activities. And when the children get home they simply park in front of another screen.

ATTENTION: there are 2 different TRAININGS offered by Kathy Woods.

  • The SEMINAR is for Parents/Grandparents who want to do 4EverFit4KIDZ! in their homes with their children and Family


  • The PLAYSHOP/RECERTIFICATION which is for Certified Ageless Grace Educators.(See Below)

Please make sure you register for the correct event.



This 4-hour 4EverFit4KIDZ! Seminar for Personal Practice might be just what you're looking for - fitness, fun and family for the new year.

Most of the Trainings are taught through ZOOM.

Kathy Woods is scheduling Ageless Grace, 4EverFit4KIDZ! Seminar for Personal Practice for Fall, 2024.

(Suggestion: After you learn the basics of 4EverFit4KIDZ! why not have a 4EverFit4KIDZ! celebration and invite the entire family; i.e. small children/teens/grandparents/aunts/uncles.

Everyone connects, has fun and benefits!


Ageless Grace Educators:

Are You thinking of offering classes to children?

This 4EverFit4KIDZ! PLAYSHOP might be just what you're looking for to assist you with the next step in your Ageless Grace teaching.

(This Playshop can also count as your yearly recertification)

This PLAYSHOP and/or Recertification is for you if you are thinking of adding 4EverFit4KIDZ! classes to your teaching schedule and are not sure how to adapt Ageless Grace for children to use. Or if you want additional ideas and suggestions for movement & music to help with your current 4EverFit4KIDZ! classes. Kathy Woods, Certified Ageless Grace and 4EverFit4KIDZ! Trainer plus professional dance teacher, will guide you and share ideas and suggestions to help bring your 4EverFit4KIDZ! classes to life.

Kathy Woods is scheduling Ageless Grace, 4EverFit4KIDZ! PLAYSHOPS for Ageless Grace Educators for Fall, 2024. Contact Kathy Woods if you're interested in a particular date and time. We'll try to accommodate.

Fee: $56 payable on the Ageless Grace website

"I truly enjoy working & playing with other Ageless Grace Educators - exchanging ideas and thoughts about the 21 Tools, marketing, teaching skills and MUSIC!!!!!!" ~ Kathy


Kathy Woods is one of the Mentoring Artists for Arts With A Purpose, an Indianapolis based non-profit organization which uses the arts to create positive change while promoting Individual Wellness, Social Awareness, Equality and Inclusion.

In 2023 Kathy was asked to give her Ageless Grace Presentations every month to the attendees at an adult day care center in Indianapolis while representing Arts With A Purpose.

Arts with a Purpose invited Kathy to share Ageless Grace Workshops with Clients at an Adult Day Care facility in Indianapolis.  Each of these Workshops became INTER-GENERATIONAL when children from a neighboring Day Camp were invited to participate with the Adults.


Some past Venues for Ageless Grace with Kathy

Kathy began teaching Ageless Grace classes to the Residents at Independence Village (Carmel, IN) using ZOOM in April, 2021 and soon started her classes face-to-face.

Jacksonville Public Library (Jacksonville, Illinois) offered to their Patrons Ageless Grace classes taught by Kathy using the ZOOM platform. Note: Kathy lives in a different state. Using ZOOM works!

Two years before Covid Kathy started teaching to Residents at Woodland Terrace of Carmel. After the "Covid break"  Kathy was invited back to give classes again and is still going strong.

Kathy taught Ageless Grace to the Residents in Independent Living and Memory Care at Traditions at Solana for 2 years before Covid and 2 years after.

NorthRidge Gracious Retirement Living invited Kathy to teach Ageless Grace classes for many years followed by several years of classes called Everyone Dances.

Ageless Grace classes given by Kathy Woods were offered for 3 seasons through Fishers, Indiana Recreation.

Kathy taught 4EverFit4KIDZ! classes at an event for Indianapolis Homeschooling children.

One of the churches in Carmel, Indiana asked Kathy to teach Ageless Grace to their Seniors for 6 months.

Kathy gave Ageless Grace Presentations to several senior groups in area churches as well as Noblesville, Indiana Library.

Many Ageless Grace classes were given by Kathy through Indianapolis OASIS an organization for seniors.

For organizations in Hamilton County, Indiana and the greater Indianapolis area Contact Kathy Woods to set up an Ageless Grace Presentation/Demo for your Senior facility, church, or club.


Kathy uses music, imagination and stories to further stimulate the brain of her students plus her classes are filled with interaction by those in attendance. 


Perfect Harmony at The Great American Songbook

After 2 years of volunteering at Perfect Harmony* I decided it was time to dance away. I loved being with the other volunteers and the staff at The Great American Songbook Foundation who offered the Perfect Harmony program - each presenter was VERY skilled and very professional. Work is hardly the word I would use to describe what we did - PLAY is what it was. Plus I learned a lot!

*Perfect Harmony was a music program offered through Michael Feinstein's Great American Songbook for older adults with Alzheimer's and their Caregiver. We shared good music through singing, discussing songs and musicals, dancing, laughing and enjoying each others presence. I used movement from Ageless Grace and Dance w/Kathy in every program and was given the title of 'movement specialist' by the other program specialists.

Note: The Perfect Harmony music program, as we knew it, was cancelled because of Covid.


Kathy writes: "I wrote a little story about some of my experiences when I was one of the caregivers for my wonderful Mother. I'd love to share it with you."