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Sandra Bramlett

Sandra Bramlett

I came into the world of fitness and wellness in order to feel better in my body. At ‘middle age’ I was a late-comer to the world of ‘fitness’. That was in the late 1980’s! Divine guidance, luck, and a lot of searching led me to several modalities that changed my life and my career direction. Callanetics Exercises, Nia Technique, ChiWalking, the SAIL program, and countless courses have informed my practice and my classes. My career as an educator naturally compelled me to share what I have learned about leading a happier healthier life. I've continued over the past 30 years to seek out techniques that were effective, body-honoring, creative and fun. Ageless Grace® fits the bill! Ageless Grace® is based on neuroplasticity – good news for all of us! Begin where you are, at whatever age or fitness level, engage your body and your brain (both are necessary!), be creative and playful, feel better in your body – and about yourself – whether you're 9 or 90!

Lifelong fitness is not about exercise that's rote or mechanical, it's about being able move with ease, to problem solve, to envision a better way, to do what you love to do with confidence and joy for a lifetime! That’s Ageless Grace®! Thank you Denise Medved for creating Ageless Grace®, and for the opportunity I have to change lives as an Ageless Grace® Educator and Trainer .

Contact Sandy Bramlett at or 678-576-9553. Training areas include, but not limited to, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Washington State, Oregon, Hawaii.
Sandy Bramlett, M.Ed, Certified Ageless Grace Brain Health Trainer/Educator, Certified in Community Exercise for People with Parkinson's Disease by MDT Education Solutions, PD Gladiators Approved Ageless Grace Educator, Certified SAIL Program Leader, Certified SilverSneakers FLEX Ageless Grace Educator.

Phone:   678-576-9553


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