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    Maribeth Bevis

    Maribeth Bevis has taught senior fitness for 10 years. Along with Ageless Grace, she is group exercise certified through AFAA and the Senior Fitness Association. She is passionate about keeping people active and moving. Ageless Grace is her favorite exercise format to teach.

    Training Regions: Midwest U.S., Northeast U.S., Northwest U.S., Southeast U.S., Southwest U.S.


    Sandra Bramlett

    I came into the world of fitness and wellness to feel better in my body. At ‘middle age’ I was a late-comer to the world of ‘fitness’. That was in the late 1980’s. I've been an Ageless Grace® Educator since the beginning, in 2011! I'm passionate about sharing what I have learned over the past 30 years - leading a happier healthier life, the joy of movement, and play for your brain and body!
    I am a workshop presenter, speaker, and active Ageless Grace® Trainer and Educator., and CEU's are now available to professionals for my Ageless Grace® Personal Practice Seminars and Certification events.

    Training Regions: Midwest U.S., Northeast U.S., Northwest U.S., Southeast U.S., Southwest U.S. Canada, Germany, UK


    Jo Brizland-Cullen

    Jo Brizland-Cullen Certified Ageless Grace Trainer & Educator
    30 years serving older people promoting independence  & wellbeing using my learning & experience delivering Exercise for specialised conditions. Passionate about Dementia having supported my Dad with early onset Dementia to live life to the full, and for improving Mental Health from childhood onwards having lived experience of depression from an early age.

    Training Regions: Canada, Germany, South Africa, UK


    Gina Clifford-Holmes

    Gina has been a Health and Longevity coach since 1995, training a team in 27 countries on the importance of a Healthy Active Lifestyle.
    With Ageless Grace she has been able to add a brain health fitness programme to her Healthy Ageing clients and now has 2 LIVE Zoom classes a week along with 2 classes in local retirement homes and one public class.

    Training Regions: South Africa, UK


    Teresa D'Angelo

    Teresa believes people can move and feel vibrant at every age. She understands what it is like to live with chronic illness and her authenticity, compassion, and joy as a teacher and coach inspire people to come back to class again and again. Teresa offers Ageless Grace® Classes and Trainings, Nia® Mind-Body Dance-Movement Classes, Private Movement Sessions, and online course for people with chronic pain.

    Training Regions: Northeast U.S.


    Vicki Doolan

    Being an Ageless Grace® Educator & Trainer has led me to becoming an 'Awesome Ageing Coach for Women over 50'. I support women to improve their physical, mental & emotional wellness through this amazing program both in person and online. You can find me on instagram (vickidoolanonline) sharing my passions and a few bad dance moves.

    Training Regions: Australia


    Jenna Eisenberg

    Dr. Jenna Eisenberg retired after 38 years in her own chiropractic practice. She was a motivational speaker and a college instructor for many years. Jenna now teaches seven Ageless grace classes a week on-line and in person and loves it! When the opportunity arises she performs a one-woman show she wrote starring rour characters who love sharing their stories.

    Training Regions: Midwest U.S.


    Fiona Furniss

    Fiona Furniss is an Ageless Grace trainer and educator and Nia brown belt teacher with a wealth of experience in various dance forms. In 2012 she became one of the first Ageless Grace educators in South Africa and is so enjoying being able to share this wonderful program with people of all ages and abilities.

    Training Regions: South Africa


    Lana Gelb

    Lana Gelb, M.S., President of Good Vibes Consultants, is a Wellness and Fitness Consultant and Movement Therapist. A native of South Africa, Lana has been in practice in South Florida for the past 30 years. Lana has a Bachelor's Degree in Education, a Master's Degree in Wellness Promotion, and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the Kenneth Cooper Institute and by the American Council on Exercise for whom she has been teaching CEC courses since 1992.

    Training Regions: Southeast U.S.


    V'Ann Giuffre

    I have a background in education - early childhood education to be exact - so the Ageless Grace concepts of playfulness and spontaneity make complete sense to me. Then I found out it is good for your brain, too, and I was hooked.

    Training Regions: Southeast U.S., Southwest U.S.


    Karen Haseley

    Hello! I'm Karen and I absolutely LOVE doing Ageless Grace®! I hope to help you get as hooked on it as I am. Besides an Ageless Grace® Educator and Trainer, I am also a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (30+ years) and retired from the City of Greenbelt, MD. I am also a graduate of the Neuroscience Academy with Dr. Sarah McKay. I look forward to meeting you and having fun with the 21 Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease!

    Training Regions: Midwest U.S., Northeast U.S., Northwest U.S., Southeast U.S., Southwest U.S.


    Kara Hodes-Wechsler

    Kara believes it is possible to make lifestyle changes to live healthier and happier at every age! As a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, she uses a holistic approach in helping professional women create new habits that align the facets of their life for improved well-being and fulfillment.
    Kara loves that Ageless Grace® benefits both the body and brain, and brings joy in community. She offers a weekly on-line class and also shares this program at Senior Centers, YMCAs, and Independent Living Communities.

    Training Regions: Northeast U.S.


    Peggy Kinst

    Peggy has been a Wellness Specialist for more than 50 years...educating, training and presenting worldwide. She has been an International Ageless Grace Trainer/Educator for the last 11 years, and now has a certification as a Dementia Connection Specialist Trainer.  Her passion is to find options for all people to enjoy happier and healthier lives in body, brain and spirit. Peggy employs her "fearless" approach in training and educating others to "change the model of aging", caring for oneself and for others with dignity, respectfulness and kindness.

    Training Regions: Midwest U.S., Southeast U.S.


    Barbara Kunz

    Barbara Kunz lives in Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada. She was introduced to Ageless Grace® by Denise Medved in 2012 at the first Canadian Seminar and Certification. She found herself completely drawn in by Ageless Grace®. Barbara's inner child fell in love immediately with the expressive movements of the 21 Tools. She is presently an Ageless Grace® Trainer and Educator.

    Training Regions: Canada