Innovative Aging, Dementia and Caregiver Training

AGE-u-cate Training Institute develops and delivers aging and dementia training to professional and family caregivers. Senior care providers, hospitals, non-profit and governmental agencies use our programs to improve care for older adults and those who serve them.

Our programs include:

Dementia Live™…because it’s frightening to care for someone you don’t understand You will be immersed into life with dementia with this innovative hand-on experience of what it’s like to live with cognitive impairment and sensory change. By gaining a deeper understanding and empathy for persons with dementia, care partners with be empowered with new tools to improve communications and care processes and more.

Compassionate Touch®…because touch is good medicine Discover the power of skilled touch to calm, comfort and connect, ease distress and strengthen care-partner relationships. Compassionate Touch is a holistic approach to managing behavioral expression and building care partner trust.

Flashback™ Discover how everyday items from the past ignite the senses, evoke memories and change relationships. This personalized approach reaches into the past to restore identity, dignity, purpose and joy of living! Flashback is an interactive team building approach that teaches the value of reminiscence in dementia care.

The AGE-u-cated® Caregiver Workshop and Training empowers family caregivers with practical information on critical caregiver topics with usable and simple worksheets, organizational tools, videos and ongoing coaching access. Leader training guides for faith communities, senior care providers and others also available.


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