angela-paladinMy inspiration for Joyful Creative Movement started when I attended my first Nia class in 2008. I instantly felt a connection to a movement which freed my body, mind and emotions, stirring in me a feeling of exhilaration, rejuvenation and relaxation, while moving to uplifting music. I have been teaching Nia, for 5 years as well as Tai chi/Qi gong and Mindful Movement.

In 2013, I attended an Ageless Grace training with Denise Medved, in Brisbane and again felt such an instant passion and aliveness while participating in the Ageless Grace program, that I felt inspired to teach this amazing program to my community in Melbourne.

During the last 2 years and many many demos and classes later, I have seen the amazing health benefits for the brain and body, enthusiasm, and Joy and Laughter that the program brings, as well as having received many beautiful and most heart-warming stories from students. I felt inspired to become a trainer for the program and expand Ageless Grace to a larger population, so many more people in all realms of life can experience this Timeless Fitness Program.

My passion is for people to embrace movement which is simple, fun, creative and natural to their body’s design and experience wellbeing for their Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotions, and to connect people to their unique body discovering their movement potential and exploring this with curiosity, playfulness, ease and comfort.

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