Shake It Up, Baby!

I love surprises. So each morning when I sit down to do my 10-minute Ageless Grace practice, I get a big kick out of turning the deck around (so I can’t see what’s on the cards), putting my iPod on shuffle, and picking my 3 Tools at random. This keeps my practice from feeling dull, and my brain from switching into “autopilot” mode – which is the opposite of what we’re going for in Ageless Grace. As for the pairings… sometimes they work as well as a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup (“Rockin’ Rockettes/Rockies” and Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Let’s Groove”? Woo-hoo!), and other times not so much (like when I picked “Team Fit,” and “Danny Boy” showed up…).

I’ll be the first to admit there are days when I turn over a card and I’m not enthused. And, there are times when I want to swap (or have swapped) that card out for another, looking at the upside-down deck like it’s a roulette wheel. (“Come on, ‘Body Math’! Give me ‘Body Math’!”)

But here’s the thing. I want ALL the benefits Ageless Grace has to offer…every last one of ’em. I want my brain to be sharp, clear – and especially capable of sending those zillions of messages along my neuropathways so that I can move with effortless ease and comfort in my body. (After all, neuroscientists now believe the primary purpose of the brain is to control the movement of the body.) And in turn, I want my body to be healthy, strong, flexible and agile, AND, ready, willing and able to respond quickly to ALL my brain’s needs and desires.

If I want to “have it all,” I’ve gotta use ’em all – all 21 Tools, that is. So. What to do on the day(s) when I’m just not feeling it? Here are a few ideas that help me:

  • Act As If (a.k.a. fake it till you make it). Act as if the card in your hand is your all-time favorite. “Yay! I love [said Tool]!” It’s amazing how things can shift when we shift our approach and attitude.
  • Experiment With Music. If you’re “a little bit country,” try a little bit rock-n-roll. Search your music streaming service for “World Music” – or ANY kind of music! My favorite new discovery is “Her Song: Exotic Voices From Women Around The World” – just beautiful. If you’re a radio person, find new stations. YouTube is another way to discover new sounds, though I’d suggest turning your body away from the screen while doing your 10-minute practice; too distracting!
  • Add A Splash Of Color. Let’s say “Power Tools” is your Achilles heel, and coming up with “stuff that makes you strong” feels like a herculean effort. Three words: Change. It. Up. Imagine opening your toolbox to a rainbow of colors – an orange hammer, a purple hand saw, or a yellow monkey wrench can change your perspective in a big way. (Prefer leopard prints, polka dots, gingham or ikat? Go for it. The more creative you get, the better.) Keep in mind: Your neurons are firing up when you try doing something you already know how to do in a different way. It’s a win-win. 💪👍
  • Fon(t)due. When practicing “Spelling ‘B’,” imagine using different fonts to spell words. Fun, right?! And if you thought I was going somewhere with fondue, well…why not?! Here’s an idea: Next time you pick “Juicy Joints,” imagine holding your skewer with different joints (and/or multiple skewers and joints at once), and dipping your favorite fruit, bread or anything that floats your boat, into that bubbling pot of goodness. It’s your thing – ‘do what you wanna ‘due. 😜

If any of these ideas resonate for you, please use and enjoy them… but only once! Remember that each day is an opportunity to stimulate the 5 functions of your brain anew, and we always want to keep things fresh by avoiding the “same old same old.”