Hello my name is Joanne Richard and I am a Certified Ageless Grace Educator in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

I have used Ageless Grace in so many aspects of my life and have found outstanding results.  This past June I was rear-ended by another vehicle and literally sandwiched between it and the vehicle in front of me.  Thank God I survived but it did leave me with some pretty serious health issues and limitations. 

As I was already practicing my Ageless Grace tools every day it was very important for me to continue after the accident.  My left knee was injured and now it locks on me and is very painful.  My right hand was injured and I have lost some use and one finger locks as well.  Ageless Grace has helped me with pain in both areas and also with movement.  With COVID amongst us it isn’t always easy to get to physio or to the pain clinic.  So Ageless Grace has been my saving grace on my own health journey. 

I also practiced Ageless Grace with my mom who passed away December 2020.  Until her hospitalization, she loved Ageless Grace so much that when she became unable to speak she would take my hand in the morning and guide me to our Ageless Grace spot in my meditation/therapy room for us to do some tools together.  Ageless Grace helped me to cope and helped my mom on her dementia journey.  It was a way for us to be close and enjoy an activity together.

As an employee of the Alzheimer’s Society of New Brunswick for 6 years, I was able to implement Ageless Grace in some nursing homes and had wonderful moments with so many patients and families.

I am now employed by the Moncton Sports Dome as the Seniors Program Director.  I am in charge of developing programs for seniors and Ageless Grace will be a major part of this new innovative online program for seniors living in nursing homes across the province.