Dr. Sarah McKay, founder of the Neuroscience Academy, & Denise Medved, founder of Ageless Grace, talk about neuroplasticity! Learn how you can find out more about how your brain works and what it has to do with aging, movement, and physical exercise – you might be surprised!

A note to all Ageless Grace Educators as well as those in the health and wellness fields from Denise Medved – I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with Dr. McKay’s course. If you are looking to deepen your Ageless Grace practice or better understand your patients, then her Neuroscience Academy is the place to go!

Meet Dr. Sarah McKay


I’ve distilled 22 years of learning, research, teaching, and writing about the mind and brain into creating The Neuroscience Academy for you.

My ‘WHY’ is to make the neuroscience simple, actionable, and relevant to your everyday life. And to provide you with the tools and strategies for you to do the same for your clients.

I hold three degrees in neuroscience including a Masters and a PhD in Neuroscience from Oxford University where I studied neuroplasticity of the developing brain. I spent five years working in academic neuroscience research before founding my health education and medical communications business in 2008. I write a popular brain health and neuroscience blog (Your Brain Health), and most recently I gave a TEDx talk titled ‘Indulge your Neurobiology’ (watch that here)

I believe too often neuroscience research is hidden behind the pay-wall of academic journals, presented at scientific meetings for other scientists, or presented in a way that is irrelevant to our daily lives. The Neuroscience Academy is designed to change all that and make brain science and research findings on neuroplasticity coherent, clear and informative for coaches, and health and wellness professionals.