Educator Registration Confirmation

“Welcome” to the Ageless Grace family! We are so proud and excited that you have successfully completed certification to teach Ageless Grace!

We have over 2400 (and counting) Educators world-wide! So in order for everyone to have the same information, we emphasize utilizing the information that is on the Ageless Grace website at

Please make note of your User Name and Password, noting any upper/lower case and spacing. Your user name is your first name, followed by a single space, followed by your last name, and your password is the password you just entered in the form you submitted. Put this information in a safe place.

If you need to update your information in the future (such as name, email, teaching location), please let us know. The link to make changes to your Educator information is on the website’s Members Home page.

What can the website do for you?

If you need information that is not on the website, contact us at

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Do you have a special interest that you would like to write a brief article on for our website Blog? If so, please email We will work with you to bring it to the website.

Do you know someone who would be interested in Ageless Grace? If so, please share our website,, with them and help them to find a class or event in their area.

We are grateful you have joined with us in changing the face of aging in the world.

In Joy and Grace – Denise Medved, Creator and Founder