Tips From Diane Lasichak, Certified Ageless Grace Educator, Trainer in Training, Northern Virginia, Seattle, Washington

Positive Affirmations:  I begin my day and I encourage the students to start their day with a positive thought(s) or Positive affirmationsaffirmations!  The sense of joy, happiness and gratitude are woven into my mindset before, during and after the “Ageless Grace” classes.  The students have reported bringing their enthusiasm, openness and anticipation of having FUN to the “Ageless Grace” experience.

Getting acquainted:  Before I present a demonstration or conduct a class in a/the community I try to understand as much about the “culture” of the community as possible.  I take an interest in the range in age, their backgrounds and interests, as well as their cognitive and physical abilities.  Before the session begins I enjoy welcoming each participant into the group as they get settled. I also spend a few minutes before the “Ageless Grace” session begins to allow the students to share their name, where they grew up or maybe a special interest or activity they enjoy doing in the community.

Music:  The more the “Merrier” – OH the LOVE of MUSIC!!!!  Students often comment on how they enjoy the variety of music that is being used during the “Ageless Grace” classes. Often the students make recommendations for favorite genres, singers or songs and those selections are incorporated in future classes.  In addition I select music from countries and cultures from around the world.  The use of NEW rhythms, the sound of NEW instruments  and possibly a NEW language are very much welcomed.  It is nourishment for the mind, body and spirit and really cultivates a richness for Brain & Body Health !!!

Body Scan:  Begin your class and personal practice with the “Ageless Grace Program” Self-Assessment of movement comfort and ease.  At the end of each session do another scan. Students will often spontaneously report feeling an increase in range of motion, a sense of well-being and feeling energized as a result of the “Ageless Grace” class!