I hadn’t read Tuesday’s memo.

Freezing temps? Black ice warnings? Totally oblivious.

As always, I ran out the front door in typical hurried fashion, only to find myself sliding uncontrollably toward the three steps leading down to the driveway. (Did I mention I was wearing rain boots with little traction? Oy…) In that terrifying split second, I simultaneously screamed (probably obscenities, I’ll admit), flailed my arms around, and noticed the “stop-making-a-scene-you’re-em-barrassing-me” look on my fourteen-year-old’s face. I could just hear my dad’s voice: “Slow down or you’ll crack your head open!” And then suddenly, inexplicably, I managed to catch myself and regain balance, just before hitting the ground. I made it cautiously down the steps, where I then skate-walked over to my car and practically hurled myself across the hood as if hugging a long lost relative. I was safe.

Cut to: Ten minutes later. I’ve dropped my son off at school, regular, rhythmic breathing has returned, and I think my sympathetic nervous system has finally realized we are no longer in a fight or flight situation. Phew! As I drove along, wallowing in what-ifs – I could have broken a bone! Or gotten a concussion! Or broken a bone and gotten a concussion! – it suddenly dawns on me: AGELESS GRACE. I’m ok, because of AGELESS GRACE!

I’ve been practicing the Ageless Grace Brain Health Fitness program for ten minutes a day, most days, for the better part of three years. And this program, by design, is based on the cutting edge science of Neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain and central nervous system to change its form and function over the course of a lifetime, specifically when activated by movement involving play (think of how you used to play as a kid), and by challenging the brain to do something it doesn’t already know how to do.

So? What’s all that got to do with my Tuesday tale of woe? Everything, really.

By practicing Ageless Grace’s 21 simple tools for lifelong comfort and ease each day, I’ve been increasing my brain and body’s ability to respond, react and recover (the 3R’s).  Simply put, my reaction time is quicker than it used to be, my balance is better, and I can recover from “the unexpected” more quickly. Pretty cool, huh? Especially when you consider that all I’ve been doing is listening to great music while moving my body and having fun, in the comfort of my own home, for ten minutes a day.

By: Amy Podolsky, Ageless Grace Trainer and Educator