Elaine was certified as an Ageless Grace Educator in December 2020 and she has been growing Ageless Grace by leaps and bounds in Newfoundland, Canada. 

Aging gracefully has always been a desire for me.  Coming from a movement background of belly dancing since 2006 and the Nia Technique since 2016, Ageless Grace has become a beautiful addition to my movement practices.
Currently, I am the only certified Ageless Grace Educator in Newfoundland, Canada and I am working diligently at expanding this program through my community of Paradise and surrounding areas.
I received a grant that will enable me to bring Ageless Grace classes to a local retirement community of active seniors starting in June.  Numerous pop-up classes are in the process of being finalized for this summer and several local senior’s homes are interested in Ageless Grace classes starting in September.
You can find me and Ageless Grace in Newfoundland on Facebook’s Ageless Grace on the Rock.

A huge thank you to Denise Medved for introducing me to these 21 simple tools for promoting timeless fitness for the body and brain, along with your continued mentoring.  Here’s to reopening neural pathways and creating new ones with Ageless Grace!

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