The Ageless Grace program has been in my life for nearly two years now. Within 24 hours of being Certified I held my Ali Allenfirst class at Age UK in Nottingham, in fact, the first class in the UK, and it is still going strong. I was so enthusiastic and passionate about Ageless Grace, 18 months ago I took a huge risk by taking redundancy from my full time job to go self-employed to share with others the Ageless Grace program. I now have regular weekly classes delivering to Care Homes, Community and Support Groups and it’s still growing. I have always been active and believe exercise is the best medicine. Ageless Grace is perfect for any age and any ability and I love the fun element to it.

This is the most rewarding and satisfactory job I have ever done and go to my classes with a spring in my step knowing I am making a difference to peoples lives by giving them the independence to stay as functionally youthful for as long as possible. Making my passion my career and sharing it with others, what more could I ask for.