I like having fun, dancing and ‘messing around’. I’ve enjoyed having older friends all my life and am really pleased to nicola steenhave, with Ageless Grace, something fun and beneficial to share with older folk.  Also, it’s great to see children benefit from the program – and even better to see all ages having fun together! Ageless Grace is accessible to everyone:  my dad has Alzheimer’s and I help care for him and I appreciate how music and fun can be enlivening and enriching.

I’ve spent my career to date working on energy and environmental issues, so training people in Ageless Grace is a new avenue. I practice yoga and Qi Gong and I also have a white belt in Nia, which is how I met Denise Medved and was, over time, introduced to Denise’s passion, Ageless Grace. It was a privilege to have Denise visit London and Nottingham and introduce Ageless Grace into the UK – and now Ali Allen and I are delighted to have the chance to introduce Ageless Grace to the Netherlands in June.