When Lillian Carrasco visited her Mom at her Memory Care Center in South Florida, Tracey Gelb, Certified Educator was teaching her Ageless Grace class. Lillian noticed her Mom singing every word of the song, Amapola, and tapping to the beat of Labamba – when she hadn’t seen any sign of life from her in a long while. Lillian was shocked and thrilled!
Lillian loved the class so much and was so impressed with her Mom’s response, that she decided to become a Certified Ageless Grace Educator herself. And she brought her son, Julian, a musician, along on the journey.

“Alzheimer’s has taken my grandmother and aunt away and currently it’s working its claws into my Mom’s brain,” said Lillian. “I’m praying that by doing Ageless Grace it will keep my brain sharp and Alzheimer’s free.”

Lillian and her son just might be the first mother/son Certified Educator team in Ageless Grace history! They recently did their first demo in Atlanta and we wish them the best luck in spreading this incredible program to another new location!