Ageless Grace at the Veterans Home provides an opportunity for the veterans to sit in a circle and connect to each other and staff.  The movements are gentle movements, which incorporate range of motion and thinking about the movements, combined with music choreographed by Lucia to provide meaning and enthusiasm for the veterans. The energy in the room is upbeat and hopeful and the tools are able to be practiced by all of the veterans, at whatever level of functioning they are able to practice on that day.  Lucia is professional, kind, and validating of all the participants as she facilitates a meaningful active Ageless Grace program, promoting empowerment of all the veterans. She exudes spirituality and acceptance. We always look forward to her Ageless Grace program.

Maureen Campbell

Life Enhancement Dementia Unit

Recreation Therapy Supervisor and LEDU Intergenerational Program Coordinator

New Hampshire Veterans Home

Ageless Grace is a beneficial program for clientele receptive to trying new and exciting things. Here at NHVH we try to target our Veterans who will truly enjoy this type of program.

Ageless Grace offers range of motion, social interaction and smiles along with appropriate music, which, of course, is the key to its success.  Music, movement, and smiles – what a gift – another name for this program could be “enjoying life’s moments”.

Thank you, Ageless Grace.

Judith Brown 

New Hampshire Veterans Home